Our services

We customize our services to the exact needs of our clients. In some cases, our clients want to exclusively maintain the lead and control and they do not want a third party to know that we are involved.


In other cases, our clients want us to actively assist them, thereby strengthening their position. Sometimes, our clients even want us to manage the entire process conceptually and operationally.

When working with RE-STRUCTURE, you are in safe hands: RE-STRUCTURE has ample liability insurance and adheres to strict confidentiality and conflict of interest rules.

RE-STRUCTURE charges for its services in accordance with a standardized fee structure depending on the amount of financial interest involved, the time span required to carry out its assignment, the scope of services rendered, and – if so desired – certain defined success parameters.

We are happy to discuss details. Hire us for:

RE-STRUCTURE provides, organizes, supervises, and coordinates respectively, the following services:

  • Coordinating legal, financial and tax advice and providing technical due diligence of the real property concerned
  • Creating a tax efficient corporate structure
  • Creating new special purpose vehicles

  • Managing the project
  • Providing managing directors and registered offices to companies
  • Monitoring of the project

For our clients in the real estate sector we offer director services. This service is mainly used by companies that do not have managers domiciled in Austria.

This service is also used by corporates in other sectors. There are various packages which range from simple domiciliation to complex, temporary management mandates.


Providing local managing director with standard responsibilities as described below and providing a local business address with postal service.


Providing local managing director with standard responsibilities as described below, local representation and basic operative management involvement.


Providing local managing director with standard responsibilities as described below, local representation and full operative management involvement.

Legally required services (extract):

If the legal form of the company is a “GmbH” located inside the borders of Austria, the managing director will provide the following tasks:

  • Call for funding of the nominal capital of the shareholders
  • Notification of changes at the company in the commercial register
  • Notification of changes of the company’s shareholder in the commercial register
  • Keeping employee records
  • Timely opening of any insolvency proceeding in case of illiquidity or excessive indebtedness

  • Judicial and extrajudicial representation of the company
  • Non-operative management services
  • Notifying the shareholders with respect to the annual financial statements and the board of management’s report on the business situation of the company
  • Executing the resolutions of the articles of association and the resolutions of the general meetings
  • Keeping shareholders informed

  • Convening the ordinary general meeting
  • Convening an extraordinary general meeting, if the meeting is in the interests of the company, especially if a loss of 50% of the nominal capital occurs
  • Convening an extraordinary general meeting, if at least 10% of the shareholders make a reasonable, written request
  • Recording of annual general meeting resolutions
  • Measurements to maintain and secure the company’s capital